February 27, 2015



February 26, 2015

beautiful chaos

Since going back to work recently the house has certainly gotten more messy and chaotic.  Cooking is more rare, we're overdue on baby-proofing, and the kitchen is a-spatter with indistinguishable purees.  Sometimes it's a little much at 6pm on a weeknight, but after my morning coffee on my day off, especially in the form of black and white photos, it's kind of the best.  

January 27, 2015

Tomales Bay

I lagged a bit selecting the destination this year for my annual January getaway.  With a loud, tiny human in tow, options like a serene yurt campsite didn't seem quite as plausible.  We ended up at Dancing Coyote, one of my longtime favorites, which is situated nearby the best hike ever.  Hurray for baby's first elk sighting!

January 24, 2015

Queen of the Castle

Me? ha ha ha, no.  This little lady has deemed the breakfast tabletop her exclusive hangout spot, has an entire drawer devoted to her many outfits, and requires at least half an hour of belly rubs a day.  Of our three babies, she's the one who most frequently wakes me up in the mornings to be feasted, and if I dally she's willing to snack on our macbook power cord while she waits.

But, she's gorgeous and she knows it.  She's sassy and she owns it.  And, I honestly have no idea how parents without cats keep babies entertained.

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