September 4, 2014

Music Hour

It's a recent weekday evening tradition that everyone loves.  Tom unwinds from work and selects a few choice records that will further baby's musical education.  Happy baby bops and burbles to the music; the cats are enormously relieved that he isn't screaming.  And me?  Ahhh, I revel in the free use of both arms for the first time all day, sometimes using them to cook dinner and other times simply to pour myself a glass of wine.  

...And then we brace ourselves for a long night of no sleep. :)

August 19, 2014

6 Weeks

While the sleepless nights can be rough, the days with this guy are just the best.  He smiles, he grunts, and when he cries it's nothing a nice bumpy ride in the stroller can't fix.  He's reaching serious chubster status.  

August 11, 2014

Presidio Forts

I've been doing a ton of walking lately (both stroller and ergo variety), and it has been pretty ideal being so close to the presidio trails.

August 1, 2014

Minerva Meets the Baby

As excited as Mini was to be a big sister, she took some time warming up to her new brother.  It didn't help that we had to lock her out of the room at night.  In fact, more than once I woke up to the sound of crying and, after peering blearily into the bassinet, realized that it was actually Mini.  She's been padding closer to the baby day by day, and now they're well on their way to becoming fast friends.  What about Snape, you ask?  I think he might need another month or two...

July 18, 2014


Since Theo's birth it may seem like days on end of cuddling and take-out (and obviously those things abound), but he's had a lot of firsts as well.  First outing to my favorite coffee shop, first stroll on the beach, first Target run and doctor's visits.  He met his great Kung Kung and uncle and cousin, his Pops and Tutu.  He'll meet his Grandma and Captain next week.  Every day he gets cuter and more involved with the world around him.  Is it odd to already be feeling nostalgic now that he's reached the ripe old age of 12 days? :)

July 8, 2014

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