October 12, 2014

Mini & "Snape"

Snape needed a little break from pictures, so I had his double stand in for this shoot.  

 I thought it was pretty cute.  Snape was not amused.

October 7, 2014

San Francisco National Cemetery

October, the month of ghouls and ghosts is upon us!  Ok, so a cemetery in mid-afternoon is not so creepy.  I tend toward the lighter side of Halloween festivities.  Cats and babies in costume to come... 

October 2, 2014

Steamboat Springs in the Fall

Warm days, cool nights, stunning colors, and the serenity of the off-season (not to mention such great family time!).  We could not have asked for a better week in Colorado.  This was our first plane trip post-baby, and I've got to say my travel bug is raring for more.  Turns out that the little guy is a better traveler than I am, not a peep on any of the four flights.  True, he was up for a full 6 hours after we got home, which led to a desperate hour (or three?) of night strolling to get him down (at one point he was nearly asleep and we actually ran over a rubber chicken with a deafening squeak...), but I'll take that over plane crying any day.  Where to next? :)

September 4, 2014

Music Hour

It's a recent weekday evening tradition that everyone loves.  Tom unwinds from work and selects a few choice records that will further baby's musical education.  Happy baby bops and burbles to the music; the cats are enormously relieved that he isn't screaming.  And me?  Ahhh, I revel in the free use of both arms for the first time all day, sometimes using them to cook dinner and other times simply to pour myself a glass of wine.  

...And then we brace ourselves for a long night of no sleep. :)

August 19, 2014

6 Weeks

While the sleepless nights can be rough, the days with this guy are just the best.  He smiles, he grunts, and when he cries it's nothing a nice bumpy ride in the stroller can't fix.  He's reaching serious chubster status.  

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