January 24, 2015

Queen of the Castle

Me? ha ha ha, no.  This little lady has deemed the breakfast tabletop her exclusive hangout spot, has an entire drawer devoted to her many outfits, and requires at least half an hour of belly rubs a day.  Of our three babies, she's the one who most frequently wakes me up in the mornings to be feasted, and if I dally she's willing to snack on our macbook power cord while she waits.

But, she's gorgeous and she knows it.  She's sassy and she owns it.  And, I honestly have no idea how parents without cats keep babies entertained.

January 1, 2015

Keiki in Hawaii

All smiles...before he felt that cold water. And it started to rain.

Similarly startled (thus the grump face) when he tasted haupia shave ice.

He has some work to do if he's ever going to be an island boy. At least he had tons of fun being doted on by his cousins!

 They're pretty cool kids, and it will be fun to join in their games!

We miss our family already! Can't wait for our next visit!!

December 16, 2014

Longwood Gardens

In a flurry of powdery snow, we stepped into Longwood Gardens, an explosion of Christmassy greenery and the perfect welcome to the holiday season.

Luckily inside the greenhouse it was deliciously warm and cozy.

And obviously we had to check out America's 2014 bathroom of the year...


December 2, 2014

Return of the Santa Mouse

First, our annual family Thanksgiving photo!  It's getting more difficult to wrangle the whole clan, but Snape barely even dug his claws in this year!

And now...time for Christmas!!! :)

When I was a kid I could NOT WAIT for us to bring down all of our Christmas boxes from storage.  Not only were our ornaments and decorations in there, but boxes full of Christmas books and toys, made even more special by the fact that we only got them for about a month every year.  SO, of course, the tradition that really kicks off the holiday season for me now... bringing back Santa Mouse, the grossest, crustiest cat chew toy you can imagine.  But Snape just loves him (maybe because he only gets to slobber on him for one month of the year?).  Santa Mouse, going on 5 years now...

Though both cats and baby are willing to share toys for now, I think we'll need to acquire some Christmas human toys soon.

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