April 7, 2015

9 Months

March 19, 2015

Snape's Worst Day Ever

...and my best. :)

This is the life...
Wh-what's going onnn?
You! It's always you...
Please not my long luxurious whiskers!
No, no, no...
Worst. Day. Ever.
MINI's turn?? ME want kiss from baby!!

All over the place

February 26, 2015

beautiful chaos

Since going back to work recently the house has certainly gotten more messy and chaotic.  Cooking is more rare, we're overdue on baby-proofing, and the kitchen is a-spatter with indistinguishable purees.  Sometimes it's a little much at 6pm on a weeknight, but after my morning coffee on my day off, especially in the form of black and white photos, it's kind of the best.  

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